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A Few Member Comments...

"I know, this is a great group! The best one that I have been a part of so far! Dave and Dan are very humble and down to earth and really help us greatly!
This is the 4th trading group that I have been a part of and the best one! I haven't seen any egos here, just true knowledge and people helping each other out!"

- Greg R (Tennessee)

"Dan, if every day moving forward is this easy using this system, I can say incontrovertibly, this was the best decision I could have made.. PERIOD"

- Marc S (Texas)

"Dan's strategy does work, even if you take small profits, it all adds up. Nice stress trading!"

- Ishaam H (Cape Town, South Africa)

"There’s a few things I trust in trading
Dan’s opinion
Dave’s opinion
Market internals
But the above are the must important
Trust in the experience of your teachers"

- Isaac R (Mexico)

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Join Our FREE Tradingology Facebook™ Group